Oregonscientific.com Website Review & Ratings + Oregon Scientific Coupons
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Oregonscientific.com Website Review & Ratings + Oregon Scientific Coupons

Oregon Scientific is a company that has been making innovative products for a long time. The range goes from; “i.balance negative ion” bracelets and necklaces that promote well being, to pedometers with calorie counters, clocks that project the time onto the ceiling, to weather stations, and much more.

The weather stations for the home mostly include outdoor sensors, and are as accurate as any weather measuring instrument. They let you plan for tomorrow, either activities or what to wear, as knowing what climate to expect, makes life less complicated.

The clocks project the time to a place of your choice, either a wall or ceiling, so it is easy to see the time during the night – and the light from the clock is so gentle it does not disturb sleep.

Oregon Scientific seem to know just what the public wants – if you find, “I wish I could find a weather station to leave outside", or “I wish someone made a hanging digital thermometer”, you will invariably find an answer saying Oregon Scientific makes one, and the person who replies invariably says they have had one for years that works perfectly.

Many of the products are controlled by satellite, and while this makes them show exact conditions, it also means it is better to buy the product in the country where you intend to use it. (A clock bought in Britain and used in Europe tends to pick up the time from a British satellite and show one hour less than in the European country.)

Oregon Scientific has invented “World First” products, such as the “World’s First Full Colour Weather Station, the slimmest digital voice recorder, the smallest MP3 and the World’s slimmest MP3 with transparent LCD display.”

Shipping is free on many products and there are currently good offers on sale products.


Oregon Scientific: What makes it different?

Buying a Oregon Scientific product is nearly guaranteed to give you a feature no other similar product offers. They produced the projecting clock many years ago and are still leaders in this field. Their weather stations for the home were among the most complete weather forecasters for years, and still offer certain features others do not.

They are undoubtedly at the forefront of their sphere and have won many awards over the years, including “reddot design award 2011 for their  WS907 NCCO Air Sanitizing System.

You can customize your own weather station from $34.99 upwards and choose features like “Ice Alerts”, “Eco features”, “UV Levels”, “Pool Temperature” and just about anything you want.

Oregon Scientific products make excellent presents as they are so different to similar devices and give hours of pleasure, as well as accuracy.

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Oregon Scientific vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Oregon Scientific)

Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific is virtually the only company making quality projecting clocks. 

The price range is much lower than other companies and their products generally have features many other products lack, such as wind speed, direction and many more.

Weather Shop

Weather Shop sells weather stations, but their products are aimed mainly at professional weather watchers and are big outdoor machines with a long range of over a mile.

This site has storm alerts, lightening detection equipment, devices for rainfall data and many other weather phoneme related pieces of equipment, but is not ideal as ahome use tool for predicting the weather.

The equipment is large and pricey compared to Oregon Scientific.

Ambient Weather

Ambient Weather appears to sell a large range of weather stations, but the site is messy and full of writing - with pictures that are too small to even recognize what they show.

There are too many devices to open each one individually, and there is no way to refine a search. Some of their products contain interesting features, such as wind chill, and if anyone had the patience to troll through all the products, there are probably other features of interest.

They sell Oregon Scientific products, such as “Oregon Scientific WMR100 (WMR100N) Professional Wireless Weather Station w/ Free Virtual Weather Station Software”, and at $139.95, this is much cheaper than buying direct from Oregon Scientific for $179.99.

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Oregon Scientific: Pricing & packages

Oregon Scientific

Helios Solar Climate Monitor $34.99, gives indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity, solar panel draws from ambient light to power the unit and extend battery life,  wireless sensor which transmits outdoor sensor data from 100 feet away, date and time.

Advanced Weather Station - Weather 500 $49.99 - Self-setting Atomic Clock in 12/24 hour format with time zone offset feature,  Month/Day calendar, Indoor and Outdoor temperature and humidity, White EL Backlight for night time viewing,  Moon Phase,  Weather Forecast with graphical icons

Water Resistant Thermometer with Clock $8.99 - indoor and outdoor temperature with waterproof outdoor probe.

Weather Shop 

LaCROSSE WEATHER DIRECT 4 DAY WIRELESS FORECASTER $69.00 – gives a 4 day forecast, indoor and outdoor temperature, sunrise and sunset, time and date and a sensor you can place outside or in another area.

DAVIS VANTAGE VUE CONSOLE II   $167.00 gives indoor temperature, has a barometric pressure sensor

Thermometer Clock $14.95, gives the time, indoor and outdoor temperature.

Ambient Weather

Chaney Instruments 634 00634 Wireless Weather Forecaster $57.95 - indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, clock, weather trend, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind chill

Thermometer/Clock $22.99 -  indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, clock, barometric pressure

In conclusion, Oregon Scientific products are generally cheaper than others, but not necessarily direct from the company.

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Oregon Scientific: Product images & screenshots
Oregon Scientific Coupons
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Oregon Scientific: Customer reviews & comments

Happy customers talking about Oregon Scientific products they own:

“I have a remote wireless sensor that let's me set any depth I want and sends the temp back to my main unit in the house. It's made by Oregon Scientific.”

“I have been using the same unit for 8 years now. Never a hitch. Used for 33 years in Missouri and now 5 years in Arizona. For the money it has been great. I even bought a 2nd unit for spare but have never had to use it. The software is a nice handy item also. If i see another one in used working condition i will buy it just to keep mine running!”

“I've had this station operational now for just over 5 years, (and in several different locations i might add) and never once had a problem with it.
Its a very good weather station for the price and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in there local climate.
Interfacing it to the PC and uploading the results to a web page can be fun for your family & friends also.”

“Didn't have to pay for this (gift) and didn't expect much (reviews) but this is awesome. Works well, no faults, no probs, much better than expected. Anybody know where I can get another one (for a different site)?”

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