Sweatblock vs. Drysol vs. Odaban: Top Antiperspirants Compared
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Sweatblock vs. Drysol vs. Odaban: Top Antiperspirants Compared

Excessive sweating is a problem that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. Most antiperspirants do not treat excessive sweating of the underarms, palms, back, face or the feet, which can lead to embarrassment and loss of confidence. Thankfully today there are products that can help and even alleviate this problem. Sweatblock makes a product that is mainly for underarm use while Drysol and Odaban make different products that can be used on different parts of the body. This review will look at these three antiperspirants and how they compare.
Covered in this report
Sweatblock — Best Features
Sweatblock is made strictly for use on the underarms.
Their products give the longest protection with 7 day protection.
Best for: Those with the problem of excessive sweating of the underarms.
Best deal: Amazon Sale - Free Shipping and Discounted Prices on Sweatblock - [activate coupon]
Drysol — Best Features
Drysol has the most choices of products and strengths for excessive sweating.
Drysol can be used on most parts of the body including the hands and face.
Best for: People that want the most choices of strengths and delivery methods for their antiperspirant.
Best deal: Up To 25% Off Drysol at Amazon - [activate coupon]
Odaban — Best Features
Odaban makes three different products for use on different parts of the body.
They sell a foot and shoe powder for sweating and odor plus a hand lotion that can stop excessive palm sweating instantly.
Best for: Those that need products for excessive palm sweating and also foot and shoe odor.
Best deal: Up To 40% Off Odaban at Amazon - [activate coupon]

Antiperspirants That Stop Excessive Sweating

About 1% of the population suffers from the problem of excessive sweating. The medical term for this condition is called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can cause excessive sweating of the underarms, palms, back, face or the feet. Excessive sweating can occur at any time and it doesn’t have to be hot to cause excessive sweating. Thankfully products like Sweatblock, Drysol and Odaban can stop excessive sweating and help people live a more normal and confident life.


Sweatblock is one product that can alleviate the problem of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the underarms. Sweatblock is credible company and a member of the Utah Better Business Bureau with an A rating and no complaints. They are so sure their antiperspirant will work for you that they offer a money back guarantee.

Who is Sweatblock For?

Sweatblock is safe for anyone to use that suffers from excessive underarm sweating and hyperhidrosis. Sweatblock works for the following:

  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Sweaty teens
  • Menopausal sweating
  • Athletes
  • Nervous sweaters
  • Presenters and public speakers
  • All underarm sweating
  • Men and women

Sweatblock Advantages

Sweatblock can stop excessive sweating for an entire week and give you your confidence back. The advantages of Sweatblock are:

  • Up to 7 days protection from excessive sweating
  • Easy to use and easy to apply
  • Sweatblock is safe, soothing and will protect against irritation and itching
  • Sweatblock is safe to use and they follow all FDA guidelines for antiperspirants
  • Sweatblock contains many of the same ingredients regular antiperspirants use
  • The active ingredient in Sweatblock is 14% aluminum chloride hexahydrate
  • Sweatblock is made in the United States

Sweatblock Guarantee

Sweatblock has a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with Sweatblock, you can email them within 30 days of purchase and they will refund the purchase price of the product.

Firefighter discuses Sweatblock / YouTube

Sweatblock Customer Comments

Sweatblock has very good customer comments. On Amazon.com they are rated 4.5 stars out of 5 and they have more than 1,250 ratings with 930 of those rating Sweatblock 5 stars.

  • "This product has changed my life!! I am a 28 year old female & I have dealt with excessively sweating armpits for nearly 15 years. I have tried all antiperspirants, even the "clinical strength" antiperspirants & nothing stopped the issue...But after I got the product, read the directions, and followed them to a T, I was blown away! I apply 1 time each week, and I am sweat free all week! It is truly amazing! I have been using this product for about 4 weeks and have not had a single issue. I am so happy, I cannot say thank you enough!!"
  • "I was about to spend $700 last week for my hyperhidrosis underarm botox shots and I just happen to come across these SweatBlock pads in Walmart on Sunday while looking for some clinical deodorant. I used the pads last night and it works! My underarms are so dry today with no sweat (at all) and they are bone dry..."


Drysol is another good antiperspirant that works for excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. Drysol is a brand name for aluminum chloride hexahydrate which is made by Person & Covey, Inc and they are located in British Columbia, Canada. 

Who is Drysol For?

Drysol works great for those with excessive sweating that have found over the counter antiperspirants did not work for them. Drysol is for men and women that have hyperhidrosis and also works great for people with jobs that cause excessive sweating.

The Advantages of Drysol

Drysol works for 80% of the patients with excessive sweating and you can use it on most parts of the body. Since hyperhidrosis can occur on other areas of the body besides the underarms, Drysol is made to use wherever it is needed. You can use Drysol on the underarms, hands, back, feet, face and between the toes. Drysol comes in different strengths and delivery methods.

Drysol Regular Strength

  • The Drysol product for the underarms
  • Contains 12% aluminum chloride

Drysol Extra Strength Liquid

  • Sweating of the underarm
  • Palms
  • Soles of the feet
  • Contains 20% aluminum chloride

Drysol Extra Strength Roll-On

  • Sweating of the underarm
  • Palms
  • Soles of the feet
  • Contains 20% aluminum chloride

Drysol Mild for Sensitive Areas

  • Sweating of the face
  • Back
  • Toes
  • Maintenance therapy
  • Contains 6.25% aluminum chloride

Drysol Coupons

Drysol Customer Comments

Drysol has very good customer comments and is rated a 9.0 out of 10 on Drugs.com with the following comments.

  • "I've been using Drysol for close to 6 years now. Prior, I used to sweat just sitting at my chair and it made me extremely self conscious. I tried every deodorant/ anti-perspiration in the market and nothing helped. Finally I went to my dermatologist and he prescribed this…"
  • "I'm so happy with Drysol. About a year ago, I used to sweat constantly under my armpits no matter what I did. My problem would only become worse when I would go out in public. I'd be so afraid to lift my arms, lest I show off my sweat, that I would only sweat more. I developed anxiety of going out even around friends. My confidence plunged. I've only been using Drysol for a short amount of time, but I can already see huge improvements. "
  • "This is the best solution to underarm sweating. I did experience one problem, a little burning under my left arm. After I washed the Drysol off of my left arm and applied some irritation ointment and then the Drysol everything was great. I have been dry all day today and I have only used Drysol for 1 night. I'm so loving this. I can't wait to go to Miami I can wear any shirt or blouse I want."


Odaban is another product for the relief and cure of excessive sweating. Odaban antiperspirant has been around for more than 40 years helping men, women and children get relief from the problem of excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. Odaban is located in the U.K. and used throughout the world and they have a money back guarantee.

Who is Odaban For?

Odaban is a safe and effective antiperspirant for anyone to control excessive sweating and odor. It is also great for those in the sports profession and those with artificial limbs that can cause annoying sweating.

Odaban Advantages

Odaban can be used most places on the body where excessive sweating occurs including the underarms, head and face, hands, back and front torso, feet, intimate areas and prosthetic limbs.

Odaban Products

Odaban has three products to help with sweating and odor.

  • Odaban spray gives 24 hour protection against excessive sweating and odor.
  • Is 100% free of perfumes and allergy causing ingredients
  • Contains 20% aluminum chloride in a silicon and pure alcohol base

Odaban Hand Lotion

  • Odaban hand lotion will dry hands instantly and is great for those that suffer from excessive sweating of the palms.

Odaban Foot and Shoe Powder

  • Odaban foot and shoe powder will stop and prevent foot odors.
  • Their foot and shoe powder works so well, it can even get rid of the odor of the most worn running and training shoes.

Odaban Guarantee

Odaban offers a money back guarantee. All of their products offer a 45-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with their product within 45 days of the date of purchase, you can send it back to them post paid.

Odaban Coupons

Odaban Customer Comments

The Odaban antiperspirant spray has very good customer comments and ratings. They have been rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com with the following comments.

  • "I am a physician who would come home after a long-day's work with my undershirt and dress shirt soaked under the arms. I had been using the Mitchum PowerGel with 25% aluminum sesquichlorohydrate. This is the highest percentage of active ingredient I could find in an antiperspirant. However, this was not effective in controlling the wetness. In fact, before I would leave for work in the morning, my shirt would already begin to feel wet. At the hospital, I was embarrassed to raise my arms and was self-conscious of the excessive amount of wetness present. This has all drastically changed with Odaban, an English antiperspirant with 20% aluminum chloride in a spray dispenser…"
  • "I am 26 years old... since I was in the teens I always suffered from excessive sweating caused by hyperhidrosis. If you too suffer from Hyperhidrosis then you definitely know how it feels and what life is like with it. Ever since I discovered this product from Odaban, I am soooooo grateful and relieved. I AM A NORMAL PERSON NOW! I'm not the weird one out of a group of people that's overly sweating for no good reason. I'm not constantly and purposely trying to avoid social gatherings or people because of my sweating problems anymore and I owe that to Odaban…"

Top Antiperspirants Conclusion

These three antiperspirants are not your normal antiperspirants. They are made for those with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis and they work well. Sweatblock has one product that is made mainly for underarm use and it works well for that purpose.

Drysol makes four products made for different parts of the body. Drysol used to require a prescription in the United States and is available in Canada without a prescription. You can find Drysol discounts at PromoCodeWatch.

Odaban is another antiperspirant that you can use anywhere on your body where excessive sweating and odor could be a problem. They make three products including a hand lotion strictly for excessive palm sweating and a foot and shoe powder to get rid of foot and shoe odor. 

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Sweatblock Coupon: Amazon Sale - Free Shipping and Discounted Prices on Sweatblock - Activate
Drysol Coupon: Up To 25% Off Drysol at Amazon - Activate
Odaban Coupon: Up To 40% Off Odaban at Amazon - Activate
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These are the best and body products that I have ever used. It is great to have such products especially for someone as hygienic as me. I really liked these products and would like to use them in future also.
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